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my babes uv u



Inspirations: ill be as great as great as some of these artist someday ;7;
These are people who, when I visit their page, their art makes me want to draw. ~
:iconsrgrafo::iconuberzers::icongriffsnuff::iconmeago::iconyuumei::iconcrys-art::iconyutaan::iconyulyeong:(This list will definitely keep growing)

You'll find me here a the chat room. :iconda-fight: I don't rp much now-a-days, My senior year is already hard enough, committing to and rp group is something i cant do. But, i'm going to start again soon, with a schedule or something.


Flicker by snowflare123
Coming to the web near you. 

Flicker is a spider kid character. She has eight eyes, two sets(the ones that are closed) only open when her mouth on her abdomen is ready to eat. 
Shes got six arms, two legs(o7o) and is a spider. She kills to live and recently regretted making someone her meal. 
Tamaka {Update} Final 2015 by snowflare123
Tamaka {Update} Final 2015
Alright, Finally getting around to that Bio. Before I add anything, I must mention that there are two official Tamaka's. Weird huh? Well for good reason, I jut really didn't want the original to put up with this Tamaka's new history(all explained below). Plus, this Tamaka is much older than the original. Alright, now that that business is out of the way, to the bio!


Need to know

:bulletpurple:Name: Tamaka (Tamaka Moon)

Title(s): Princess of Erradath, Peace-Keeper of Centrillion

    Allais: Tama

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown (appears 18)

    Species: Tree-Elf

    Birthday: October 17th

    Birth Place: Erradath (Add Link about Erradath!)

    Height: 4 ft. 11 in.


(F’KIN Hate doing personalities...I will add though, one day fufufu~)

    :bulletpurple:Likes: Food, Strawberries, Nature, Oliver:heart:, Being included, Adventures, Heights, Planned surprises

    :bulletpurple:Dislikes: Fire, Destruction, Self destruction, Seeing anyone injured, Loud noises, Being surrounded, Being surprised without planning, tomato juice


    :bulletpurple:Royal Family:

    Father: King of Erradath, Protector of Erradath, Claudius

    Mother: Queen of Erradath, Mother of Erradath, Titana

    Oldest Brother: Prince of Erradath, Future King of Erradath, Yoseph

    Second Oldest Brother: Prince of Erradath, Merchant of Centrillion, Shoutarou

    :bulletpurple:Husband: Oliver Moon © justcanman

    :bulletpurple:Children: Charlotte Moon © Me, Jason Moon © justcanman


Birth Tamaka was born within the Largest tree on the world, Centrillion, within the Kingdom of Erradath; an utopia for tree-elves. Her mother, Titana, gave up being the rightful ruler of Erradath after she had her first child, Yoseph. Ten years later was her second son Shoutarou. Finally, seven years later, Tamaka was born. Tamaka was a very small baby, and the first girl to be born under the rule of Claudius. She was treated as an angel by all of the family members.  

Toddler Once Tamaka was old enough to walk, she began training and was assigned her own Guardian who would be in charge of all education given to Tamaka. Gilligan was her Guardian’s name and he was a major part in her love for adventure. From age 1 to 5, Gilligan taught Tamaka everything from climbing trees to counting however, he was instructed by the King not to push her too hard, she was his first Princess after-all. Tamaka excelled in climbing trees and was jumping from treetop to tree top before age 5, however adventure was exciting and all of the schooling knowledge was uninteresting, making her later years not so tolerable. When she turned 4 a rebel group from the Kingdom of Fire attacked Erradath on a holiday. All three royal children were staying in a local inn and were trapped within the burning wood. Yoseph and Shoutarou got out with minor injuries, however Tamaka was burned badly and taken back to the main tree. She was healed almost all the way back to her original skin, but there are still lighter and darker patches of skin on her arms and legs.

Child From age 5 to 12, Tamaka was put into a serious learning environment to learn the history of Erradath, this was important because she had been given the title Peace-Keeper of Centrillion. She took this learning well enough to continue her role as a Peace-Keeper, but there are obvious holes in her knowledge where she zoned out. After schooling, Tamaka was given magic and ranged combat training to enhance her skill as a possible future ruler of Erradath. She did exceptionally well with bow training, yet magic training was hardest for her. She couldn’t do it at all, which was normal for your average tree-elf, but Tamaka had royal blood, a strong and magic filled blood capable of running an entire Kingdom. This worried her parents and Guardian and angered her grandfather. He decided that since she would never be able to use magic for her own, she would marry her eldest brother, Yoseph and rule by his side when it was his turn. Tamaka did not like this idea at all and in turn dyed her hair from black to a light purple. This dye is her signature color and has never washed out of her hair. Soon after this, she always accompanied her brother to the other Kingdoms of Centrillion to “keep peace”, but in all actuality, she explored these new lands and trained with her bow, Gilligan stayed by her side in order to protect this non-magical princess. During this age, she met most of the other royal princes and princesses and discovered they all had their powers already and used them to fulfil their roles in the Kingdom and on Centrillion. Tamaka got down about this and used her current skills to find herself in forests arounds the world. All that happened was a connection to nature, but she brushed this off as it seemed to have done nothing for her.

Teens As Tamaka searched for herself, she discovered a diamond forest which she soon visits, but before then, there was a conflict between her and her eldest brother Yoseph. She told him, “I will not marry you brother, No matter what the elders tell us. I choose who I marry, even If I marry no-one.” Yoseph is a rule follower, so her disobeying direct rules from an elder elf was definitely setting him off. He tries injuring her but she was able to escape and ran off to the forests, Gilligan following after in his owl form. The two of the survived well alone and marched to the Diamond Forest. Tamaka and the Owl Gilligan walk through innocently, awestruck at the beauty from the trees sparkling in the sunlight, when they fell down a hole. This is a classic way of making your way to a new world, however, Tamaka and Gilligan didn’t know this and ended up in the hole anyways. This hole was a two year fall, but only seemed like seconds to the two. Tamaka was separated from Gilligan and ended up in the main room of some sort of Pub. She wasn’t afraid, but more confused at what had happened and why she ended up there of all places. 

From here, there is much that goes on within the dAFight realm, but the one that stuck hardest was a lover named Oliver Moon. This blonde boy was a pineapple loving nerd and she found herself hanging out with him exclusively more and more. Since I cannot remember many of the details, I’ll just skip to the falling in love part. They fell in love and married having their first child, Charlotte then their next, Jason. She also unlocks her powers here and had a great control over nature explained here. 

Age Unknown To this day, Tamaka’s age is unknown. She’s been to many worlds and has been through a lot. Since her species of elf stop aging physically after very young ages (and start aging again closer to their last years), It’s hard to determine their ages, and after a while, they just stop counting until they start re-aging. She is currently in a memory loss phase,having forgotten most everyone close to her, even Oliver and her kids. 

Will she ever remember again? How did she loose her memory in the first place? Should I add a skills area?! MORE TO KNOW ON THE NEXT ADVENTURE!
All Hail the King and Queen! by snowflare123
All Hail the King and Queen!
The trumpets roar

Meet the King of Cold and the Queen of Warmth. These two are Snow and Flare's parents. 

Because of obvious physical differences, The King of Cold was unable to impregnate the Queen of Warmth, so the two took pieces of themselves and put them within two very unfortunate mortal women. Through a very unfortunate birthing process, Snow and Flare were born(the mortal women died, Snow and Flare are their names given later). 
These two are "twins" to the King and Queen, but polar opposites to the mortal humans. It didn't take long for the mortals to know something was up, and sent the children to very lucky locations. 

Flare got a volcano filled island, and Snow a frozen paradise. 
the end. //jk

They were visited by the King and Queen and finally met. They have this ill attitude towards their parents, but love each other as sisters. They can get close to each other luckily due to them being half human. 

(\(o7o)/) This is a not so well thought out origin story and I shall be redoing it whenever I want. 
A summer for Mer-Bunnies by snowflare123
A summer for Mer-Bunnies
Sully again, and her cute self as a Mer-bunny and in her swimsuit from behind. 

Yay! //draws more
They aren't starting yet, But I'm putting this out there. 

I'm starting Commissions in the very near future, fore very low and affordable prices, and very simple things. Head-shots, full-bodies and Chibis!
The only expensive thing I'll put on this list is a reference sheets, since they usually require head-shots, full-bodies and other little extras. 

All will be coming out in picture example form before posting the journal with prices. 

I also need a little help from those who already do commissions or have knowledge of them. What are some good groups I can join to advertise?
I'll be using tumblr for commissions as well! (As I try to become more active on my tumblr)

Some more information. I will be accepting points and money through paypal! 

All options are under 20 dollars!
I will try to commit to a 1 week time frame!

I am moving late July, early August, So commissions will most likely start before then, and end before then as well. 
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  • Eating: Good food.
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